WORK WITH Nathan Rose

Helping Non-Fiction Authors Create Timeless, Influential Books


My own book was written, finished almost two years earlier, but I had stalled. Unsure of any of the next steps I needed to take, I was stuck.

Then I spoke to Nathan, who is a treasure trove of self-publishing experience. He knows the steps and processes intimately.

I learned a lot from Nathan and his help fast-tracked my progress. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance.

Stuart Langridge

Search Engine Optimization Expert

Creating a book is a big and challenging task. There are so many moving parts that need to be considered – not only the writing component, but also how to make sure it gets out there to the right audience.

After speaking with Nathan, the pathway to achieving my goals are a lot clearer.

Nathan knows his stuff when it comes to publishing a bestselling book! 

Felix Cao

Founder, Happy Buying Brain

What a big help Nathan has been.

I am currently writing my first book, and couldn’t think of anybody better to be a mentor. He took the time, was patient with my questions, and shared what he learned from his mistakes.

He is a great teacher, and a great asset for anybody who is writing a book to learn from.

10/10 would recommend.

Mark Gowland

Location-Independent Entrepreneur

Three Ways Of Working Together

One-On-One Consulting

US$150 per 1 Hour Session

Your non-fiction self-publishing questions answered in a one-on-one phone call with me.

Ask me anything about getting bestseller status, finding freelancers to work with, uploading the files in the correct format, or anything else – saving you time, effort, and sanity versus finding out the answers on your own. 

Writing Coaching

US$400 per Month

Suitable for aspiring authors who are at an early stage – if your book is just an idea, or a rough draft.

I can be your “personal trainer” with fortnightly calls and unlimited email access, helping you overcome your blocks and move forward towards getting your book done.

Launch Management

US$4,000, all-inclusive

Best for those who have a near-final manuscript, and need help turning that into the finished product.

Cover design, proofreading, typesetting, a blurb formatted for online use, launch emails, social media images, and the correct categories to put your book into.

I can take these off your plate, so you can feel confident about your launch.

About Me

Nathan Rose

Non-Fiction Author & Strategist

My highest value in life is quality.

I help non-fiction writers create timeless, influential books which reach their readers… without the stress and uncertainty that new authors often feel.

I’m an author too – just like you! I self-published my first book in 2016, and I remember that I had a million questions, and it all seemed very overwhelming.

Since then, I have finished several more books and learned that there is a method to self-publishing bestsellers. 

Now, I work with non-fiction authors to guide them through this method.

I provide expert guidance with:

  • outlining 
  • research
  • cover design
  • accountability
  • publishing
  • promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a ghostwriter? Can you write my book for me?

A: No. I do not believe that ghostwritten books will be timeless or influential. Quite simply, a ghostwriter will never care as much as the author who writes their own book. I help writers who are committed to embarking on the journey – earning the title of “author”, rather than paying for it. To paraphrase Austin Kleon: “To be the noun (a writer), you have to do the verb (writing).”

Q: I need publicity for my book. Can you help with that?

A: Publicity (media coverage, testimonials, reviews etc…) depends a lot on the book itself – the subject material, and the quality of the writing. I can provide publicity guidance through One-Off Consulting and Writing Coaching, but publicity is NOT part of the Launch Management, because the response of journalists, influencers, and readers is not something I can control (or promise).

Q: I want the launch management package, but… I already have my own cover / I already have a proofreader, etc…

A: Sure – if you don’t need all parts of the Launch Management service, we can customize a solution which will work for you.