Chess Opening Names

Players everywhere know the names of the chess openings, but far fewer know the incredible back stories behind them. Why is the “Sicilian Defense” associated with a Mediterranean Island? Who is the “Staunton Gambit” named after? Chess Opening Names is a book which any chess fan will enjoy, no matter their level of ability. Prepare to be surprised, amazed, amused, and informed.

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A new and unique look at the chess openings from an informative and historical perspective, accessible to the chess-obsessed and non-chess players alike. I’m certain that all readers, new and seasoned, young and old, will enjoy this overview on the origins of chess opening names.

Simon Williams

I love this book. It is a cornucopia of fascinating chess history and trivia. I learned who is the real father of the "Hypermodern" idea of controlling the center with the pieces rather than the pawns. It's not Nimzowitsch. It's not Reti. Exactly why are the Indian Defenses called Indian? What's so French about the French Defense? Just who was Captain Evans? These questions -- and scads more! -- are answered in a sometimes gut-busting and always an engaging style. Highly recommended to all chess lovers.

Tyrin R. Price

This is a fun and interesting book about a wide range of chess openings and how they came by their various descriptive names. It's full of chess history and lore, and makes a wonderful introduction to chess culture from around the world. I recommend it to any chess players from "patzers" to competitive chess players.

Charles E. Rittenburg