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Citizens Of The World (Coming Soon)

Citizens of the World is the incredible true story of the location-independent “digital nomads” who make money online from anywhere on the planet. It lifts the curtain on this underground society, and how they hack the system to achieve radical personal freedom. It also explores the challenges their lifestyles present for traditional notions of borders and national identity.

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Chess Opening Names

Players everywhere know the names of the chess openings, but far fewer know the incredible back stories behind them. Why is the “Sicilian Defense” associated with a Mediterranean Island? Who is the “Staunton Gambit” named after? Chess Opening Names is a book which any chess fan will enjoy, no matter their level of ability. Prepare to be surprised, amazed, amused, and informed.

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Chess Opening Names – Vol. 2

This second volume of Chess Opening Names dives deeper into the history of the lesser-known openings. The stories of the “Sveshnikov Variation”, the “Italian Game”, and the “Max Lange Attack” are all uncovered, along with dozens more. Chess trivia buffs and casual players alike are sure to love this entertaining tour through the people, places, and events behind the first few moves.

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Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a fresh new alternative to venture capital. Startups and growing companies can raise millions of dollars through offering shares to members of the public, while gaining huge publicity at the same time. Equity Crowdfunding shows how to use this exciting new fundraising method, featuring contributions and case studies from around the globe.

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The Crypto Intro

“Crypto” includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and hundreds of other digital cryptographic assets. They are borderless, offer universal access, and are free from gatekeepers, central authorities and middlemen. The Crypto Intro is the ultimate guide to understanding crypto and getting started, with no prior knowledge assumed.

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Rewards Crowdfunding

Rewards crowdfunding can be used to validate project ideas, build an audience, and raise the necessary cash to get off the ground. Rewards Crowdfunding is the step-by-step playbook for creators intending to launch a campaign of their own. Learn the best strategies from two dozen successful creators, and the world’s leading crowdfunding launch agencies.

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