Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a fresh new alternative to venture capital. Startups and growing companies can raise millions of dollars through offering shares to members of the public, while gaining huge publicity at the same time. Equity Crowdfunding shows how to use this exciting new fundraising method, featuring contributions and case studies from around the globe.

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If you're considering raising investment through equity crowdfunding, this book is a must-read. Nathan Rose guides you through everything you need to know, with detailed case studies and advice from successful crowdfunders.

Rob Wilson
Founder, Crowdfunding Champions

It is important to look globally for good case studies of successful ways to attract funding… With 20 successful campaigns surveyed, along with input from the biggest equity crowdfunding platforms and interviews with the most prominent experts at the forefront of the space, this book does just that.

Ronald Kleverlaan
Co-Founder, European Crowdfunding Network

This book covers all aspects of the global equity crowdfunding industry. From empirical examples of funding campaigns to concrete recommendations, this is a must-read for companies considering raising capital online.

Andrew Dix
Founder & CEO, Crowdfund Insider