The Crypto Intro

“Crypto” includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and hundreds of other digital cryptographic assets. They are borderless, offer universal access, and are free from gatekeepers, central authorities and middlemen. The Crypto Intro is the ultimate guide to understanding crypto and getting started, with no prior knowledge assumed.

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For anyone who wants to get into Bitcoin or other crypto, this book is the perfect, clearly worded entry point.

Timothy Draper
Venture Capital Investor

Public blockchains and crypto will be as important of a technology over the next twenty-five years as the Internet was over the last twenty-five. Nathan's book offers a clear explanation for the non-technical reader of not just why, but how to get on board.

Taylor Pearson
Author, The End of Jobs

As a very effective introduction, The Crypto Intro covers the prior and current financial landscape, the good and the bad, as well as the social groups that influence this new technology. It covers wallets, how to acquire cryptos, the different methods to keep them safe, all while educating the reader with the new set of terms.

Phil Champagne
Author, The Book of Satoshi