Rewards Crowdfunding

Rewards crowdfunding can be used to validate project ideas, build an audience, and raise the necessary cash to get off the ground. Rewards Crowdfunding is the step-by-step playbook for creators intending to launch a campaign of their own. Learn the best strategies from two dozen successful creators, and the world’s leading crowdfunding launch agencies.

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Anyone serious about crowdfunding successfully needs to read this book. It guides you from starting from nothing to launching a mega campaign.

Samit Patel
Managing Director, Joopio

People often ask me, ‘What does it take to be successful with rewards crowdfunding?’. My answer is that it takes a great product, and skillful execution of the steps Nathan Rose outlines in this book.

Khierstyn Ross
Founder, The Product Launchpad

We work with clients that crowdfund, and as part of this, we are always keen to keep an eye on the latest content.Most of it is a rehash of the same old drivel regurgitated in a different tone. However, in this case, Nathan Rose has diligently and thoughtfully assembled a breadth and depth of content that is a must-read for anyone considering embarking on a crowdfunding campaign.

Richard Slade
Co-Founder of BrandRefinery