How Should We Thrive In The New Online Economy? 

I spend my time reading, writing, and thinking about the impact the Internet has on society, and how to successfully navigate this new environment.

My books each explore a different aspect of this new world we are living in.

One of the greatest privileges of this line of work is getting to share these ideas with larger audiences, and to participate in the conversations it generates.

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My most popular speaking topics are listed below:


1. Self-Publishing Non-Fiction Books

This talk shares:

  • The pros and cons of traditional publishing vs. self-publishing
  • How to elevate your authority as an expert, using a book
  • Ways to use writing a book to connect with almost anyone

    2. Crowdfunding Techniques For Startups & Creators

    This talk shares:

    • How crowdfunding has evolved over time
    • Up-to-date digital marketing strategies to grow and engage a crowd
    • Lessons learned across dozens of successful campaigns  

    3. Impact Of The Location-Independent Movement 

    This talk shares:

    • Problems with the existing “system” of careers  and consumerism
    • How digital nomads “hack the system”, and the issues this raises 
    • The future of the relationship between individuals & nation-states

    We Are A Great Match If…

     You want a speaker who takes the time to understand your event and what your audience is hoping to learn. 

     You want a presentation which is tailored specifically to your event – not a “cookie-cutter” talk.

     You need a memorable speaker who both entertains and shares valuable insights.

     You prefer a speaker who uses stories and real-world case studies, thereby maximising audience engagement.

     You want a speaker who can thrive in any event format – whether that’s online or in person.


    “Your talk was the type I find most valuable at any conference: those who are sharing their real lived experience and drawing intelligent implications from it. Less talk and more walk. As an Amazon publisher myself, I found the talk uniquely valuable and would recommend it to any audience interested in online publishing or the opportunity to sell books on Amazon”.

    Dan Andrews
    Co-Founder, The Dynamite Circle

    “Nathan’s talk was one of the top highlights of the Crowdfunding Summit and we brought him back for the second time within the year. Our participants told us that he was a memorable and engaging speaker. The best part was the freshness of his insights – he made sure to focus on the perspectives of crowdfunding that our audience would find most interesting and surprising. I look forward to have him back again. Book him to speak if you can – your audience will definitely thank you for it.”

    Epi Ludvik
    Founder & CEO, Crowdfunding Summit

    “It is always a treat to watch Nathan speaking as he tries to bring a deeper approach to the topics. With the nomad movement in full swing he is already thinking in long term and how the community can leverage their life tools to make our society a better place. He is not afraid of touching sensitive points and go against the mainstream narrative.”

    Joao Mendes
    Founder, Thriving Nomads Summit