Non-Fiction Writing Coach

Helping You Create Your Timeless, Influential Book 

You have an important message to share with the world, but you need help getting it *out* of your head, and *into* a finished book.

That’s where I come in. 

I help aspiring authors navigate the self-publishing process, guide them as they get their book done and show them how to reach their target readers.

From idea to finished book – I can be in your corner, every step of the way.

The end result? Your book, available for sale in e-book and paperback!

How It Works

Click the “Enquire Now” button here on this page, and fill in the short application form.

We will start with a no-obligation introductory video chat to ensure that working together will be a good fit for you. We’ll talk through your goals, and what you need help with.

If we go ahead, we will have a fortnightly 1-hour video coaching call via Zoom. You will also be able to e-mail me with questions in between these coaching sessions.

Each call will involve a progress update, talking through any challenges and how to overcome them, and setting goals for next time.

Depending on your book, and the amount of time you can dedicate to the project, we may work together for between 3 months to 12 months.

My Appoach & Point Of Difference

Many writing coaches focus on becoming a “Bestseller”.

While that is all well and good, I believe that it is even better to create a “Timeless” book – as in, one which doesn’t go out of date, and which sells long after your launch is over.

The best way to achieve this is to focus on quality. We won’t cut corners, or settle for “good enough”. We will be aiming to stand out from the noise, with high standards in outlining, design, content, editing, and promotion.


We Are A Great Match If…

 You are an expert, and want to cement your thought-leadership in your field.

 You are looking to achieve more than just a temporary spike in visibility. You want your book to sell for many years to come – a long-term asset.

 You want accountability to stay on track.

 You want to work with someone who has already been through everything you need to do, and knows what lies ahead for you.

 You want to do everything in the right order, without missing a step, so that you can feel calm and assured about your book launch.


“My own book was written, finished almost two years earlier, but I had stalled. Unsure of any of the next steps I needed to take, I was stuck.

Then I spoke to Nathan, who is a treasure trove of self-publishing experience. He knows the steps and processes intimately.

I learned a lot from Nathan and his help fast-tracked my progress. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance.”

Stuart Langridge
Author, “SEO For Managers”

“Creating a book is a big and challenging task. There are so many moving parts that need to be considered – not only the writing component, but also how to make sure it gets out there to the right audience.

After speaking with Nathan, the pathway to achieving my goals are a lot clearer.

Nathan knows his stuff when it comes to publishing a bestselling book! “

Felix Cao
Founder, Happy Buying Brain

“What a big help Nathan has been.

I am currently writing my first book, and couldn’t think of anybody better to be a mentor. He took the time, was patient with my questions, and shared what he learned from his mistakes.

He is a great teacher, and a great asset for anybody who is writing a book to learn from.

10/10 would recommend.”

Mark Gowland
Location-Independent Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to work with you?

The price is US$400 per month, with a minimum 3 month commitment. 

For this, you get fortnightly 1-on-1 coaching calls with me, and unlimited email access – so that you can stay accountable with my personal guidance and support. You will also get my feedback on your launch strategy, and benefit from all of my knowledge in non-fiction self-publishing.

It is all geared to make sure you end up with the highest quality book, and the best possible chance of reaching your target readers.

How long will it take to get my book done?

The length of your book, how much research you need to do, and how much time you can dedicate will influence your time to completion. But as a benchmark, anywhere from 3 months to 12 months is common for other authors.

How many books can I expect to sell?

It really depends on the subject you intend to write about, how much competition is already out there, and how well you can write your book and promote it. I can help with all of these aspects, but your actual sales numbers are impossible to accurately predict.

Can I hire you to write my book for me?

A: No, I am not a ghostwriter. As your writing coach, think of me as your “personal trainer” – I will keep you accountable and focused on the right things, but you need to be the one putting the words on the page.

I only have a few questions. Can I just get 1 hour of your time?

Sure – if you are looking for fast answers on your self-publishing questions, we can do a one-off session. To book this, send me an email: contact [at] nathanrose [dot] me